Let’s speak about


Style. What does it mean? According to the net, it is « a manner of doing something », together with « a distinctive appearance ». As a verb, « to style » means « to design or make in a particular form » and, by extension « to designate with a particular name, description or title ».

To me, « Style » is part of marketing: how to trade a product or service addressed to targeted clients. Let me give you an example. I was once told, during a visit to a classy resort of the island, that it refused to take bookings for people accompanied by children under 12. Just imagine your reaction at having a friendly voice telling you on the phone,

“No, I’m sorry Sir, the hotel does not accept  families with children under the age of 12″. Of course, if you think that kids should have all rights under the pretext that you love them, you will be upset. But so be it! At least it is what the resort’s management thinks, and for good reasons : they know that there are consumers who want to rest, in a quiet and peaceful environment. This is what I call “style”!